Discount Mixer Terms of Service

By subscribing or using the Services, you (“you” or “Client”) acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the entirety of these Terms of Service.


  • “RES SKY”: The company that owns and provides the RES SKY services.
  • “Discount Mixer”: The software, including related applications, codes, and platforms, developed and published by RES SKY.
  • “Client”: The individual or entity that enters this Agreement with RES SKY.
  • “Service”: Access to features in the Discount Mixer provided by RES SKY.
  • “Terms”: These Terms of Service and any potential subsequent amendments.
  • “Account”: The unique access for the Client to the Service, validated by the respective platform.
  • “Store”: The Client’s website and related properties using the Service.
  • “Visitor”: Anyone who interacts with the Client’s Store.
  • “Personal Information”: Information relating to an identifiable natural person.
  • “Non-Personal Information”: Information that cannot independently identify the Client or Client’s Visitor.
  • “Content”: Any data related to the Client’s Store sent to the Discount Mixer or collected via the store’s website.
  • “Plan”: Fee-based plans of providing Discount Mixer services for a fixed period.

Agreement and Application of Terms

  • Clients must agree with the Terms to use the service. Continued use indicates agreement with any revised Terms.
  • The Agreement begins upon Account creation and remains in effect until terminated by either Party.
  • These Terms include what is here and any written agreement between Client and RES SKY.

Service Description

  • RES SKY constantly improves the Discount Mixer. Clients acknowledge that the Service may evolve without prior notice.
  • The Service is available 24/7, but RES SKY may temporarily or permanently modify its provision.
  • If service provision stops for reasons other than the Client's violation, refunds will be issued for any unused period of a paid Plan.
  • Service support varies based on client requirements.

Pricing and Payment

  • The Discount Mixer listing on the platform or by an applicable Subscription Order determines service pricing.
  • Non-usage does not qualify for extended service duration or refunds.
  • Pricing may change, but Clients can choose other Plans or terminate their subscriptions.

Pricing and Payment

  • Personal Information input or collected by Discount Mixer remains confidential.
  • RES SKY support agents may contact Clients using the provided communication channels.
  • Information processed aligns with our Privacy Policy, integral to these Terms.
  • Non-personal information may be used for business improvements or partnerships.
  • Clients are responsible for obtaining permissions related to any third-party information they provide to RES SKY.
  • Clients can request access to or delete their Personal Information at any time.
  • RES SKY may send Clients notifications by various means.
  • Client or business names may be showcased on RES SKY’s materials for promotional purposes.

Service Restrictions and Availability

  • The Service is for the Client's use and should not be provided to others.
  • Clients must refrain from actions impairing the Service's functionality or security.
  • Clients are liable for any Terms breaches, and RES SKY assumes no responsibility for the consequences of such breaches.

Limitation of Liability

  • The Service is provided "as is". RES SKY is not liable for its inaccuracy or any damages resulting from its use.
  • Clients confirm they have the authority to use the Service and add it to their Store.

Termination of Agreement

  • The Agreement starts upon first use and continues until terminated.
  • Clients can terminate by unsubscribing from the Discount Mixer Service.
  • The Agreement also terminates upon Plan expiration.
  • RES SKY may terminate the Service under specific conditions, but Clients will be informed and can appeal within seven days.
  • Upon termination, all granted licenses cease.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • All intellectual property rights of Discount Mixer remain with RES SKY.
  • RES SKY can transfer its rights, assets, or properties.
  • Clients retain ownership of all data processed through the Service.

Changes to Terms

  • RES SKY may update the Terms but will notify Clients of significant changes.
  • Clients should regularly review the RES SKY website for Term changes.

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